Thursday, 12 April 2018

Book find...'Fifty Most Amazing Crimes of the Last 100 Years'

Sometimes these books just find you don't they, and this one...THIS one is fantastic. It dates from 1936 and as the title suggests it chronicles 50 of the most 'amazing' crimes of the 100 years previous to that date. There is no author name, but it was edited by J.M Parrish and John R. Crossland, Published by Odhams Press Ltd.

From the first case - Landru: A Real Life Bluebeard by H Russell Wakefield which is described as "Dark, bearded, sinister, urbane, greatest 'lady-killer' - in the most terrible sense - of all time" to the final one - Fritz Harman: Terror of Hanover by F.A Beaumont, this book drips intrigue, I can't wait to delve into it and see what it brings. I will keep you updated as I go!

Now on Tumblr...

Being already on Twitter and Instagram (not a fan of Facebook) we are now venturing onto Tumblr - so many of the folks we follow on Twitter are there and it looks like a great platform to dismiss boredom - although I feel I may get sucked in and will lose hours of my life....hey ho!

Do follow us there @darklegendsmoonlitmyths - we are on Istagram and Twitter also as @moonlitmyths :)