Saturday, 5 July 2014


The spot where two roads meet in a cross (as opposed to a junction) used to be considered a magical place, as well as crossed pathways, hollow ways and tracks. In times passed, people would bury charms at crossroads depending on what they wanted to wish for - a coin for riches, a horseshoe to bring luck for example.

The symbolism of a crossroad is understandable - north, south, east and west or the four winds are represented. In the past, people were sometimes ritually buried at crossroads, and in some countries still are today. Those who had taken their own life or sadly those thought to be mentally ill were known to be buried at these sites.

In Scotland it was thought if one sat in the middle of a crossroad on a three-legged stool on Halloween (Samhain) at midnight, those who will die in the next year will be visible. Would you want to know?

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